Getting started

Signing in and signing out

The Ministry of Education requires all parents to sign their children in and out of the Centre every day, on a form provided by the Centre. Not only is this a safety requirement but also a legal one. Please ensure that you go with your child into the classroom on arrival, acknowledge your arrival and departure with teachers, and sign the 'sign in and out' register. Also check your child's locker or room notice boards for messages and important information.

Helping your child settle in

To help your child settle in to the Centre we require you to visit the Centre with your child, at least twice, before enrolment starts. You can help by:

  • Initially leaving your child for shorter periods.
  • Being prepared to spend extra time at the Centre on the first few days when dropping off and picking up.
  • Being confident and positive about teachers and the environment.
  • Involving your child in an activity and then having a teacher take your place.
  • Always saying goodbye and telling your child when you will return.
  • Providing a written outline of the general routine your baby or toddler follows.


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