For Parents

We encourage parent participation. It sends a strong positive message to your child that you support them and that you are a part of their early childhood environment. Parents are welcome to visit the Centre at any time. If you would like one-to-one time with one of our staff, please request a specific time to meet with a specific teacher. Once you have enrolled your child please ensure that your contact details are kept up-to-date with any changes given to the Centre Manager. Parents will be kept informed of Centre activities through newsletters and Centre's notice board.

Drop off and pick up

For the protection and safety of the children, only an adult known to the Centre may bring children into the Centre and only authorised people, as indicated on the enrolment form, will be allowed to collect children from the centre. Please notify the Centre, in writing, of any changes of the person who will be authorised to collect your child. An adult that is not known to the Centre will require photo ID and your authorisation.

Photos and film consent

Each centre requires permission for use of photographs or film of children in publications, such as a newsletter, or in some instances, to help promote the early childhood education services. We have consent forms for parents and caregivers to complete. If you have any concerns, please contact the Centre Manager to discuss this in more detail.

Parents with custody orders

In the case of a non-custodial parent arriving to collect the child, the Centre Manager will contact the Police and provide a copy of the order for the Police to enforce. The Centres will not act in contravention of a custody or court order but cannot be held liable should a non-custodial parent gain access to a child.

What to bring

Parents will need to bring the following items in a clearly named baby bag or school bag.

For children under 2 years-old

  • Enough nappies for the day.
  • Milk or milk powder – enough for the day.
  • 2 sets of spare clothes.
  • Items the baby is attached to, eg, blanket or cuddly toy.
  • Sunhat/warm waterproof outside clothes in winter.

For children over 2 years-old

  • Nappies (if still needed) or spare underwear.
  • Milk or milk powder (if still needed).
  • Two sets of complete change of clothes.
  • Special items for sleep, eg, cuddly toy, doll.
  • Sun hat for summer or warm waterproof outside-clothes in winter. Sun safety is important and sun block/sunscreen will be provided for your child, however if your child has allergy to sun block or sensitive skin please provide suitable sun block with the child’s name on it.

All clothing, shoes, cuddly blankets and bags must be clearly named. Some of our play is messy. Children should be dressed in comfortable clothes, plus have at least a spare change of clothes every day. In winter, rain gear and gumboots are essential, and sunhats must be provided round the year.


Parents should supply enough nappies for their child's day. Staff will assist children in using the toilet, as signs of readiness for using the toilet appear, and in consultation with parents. Please send plenty of changes of clothes during this time as a few accidents are unavoidable. Routine toilet time is provided before meals and sleeps.


All children are offered the opportunity to have time to rest and relax during the day. This enables them to gather their thoughts and strength for the rest of the day. Each child has their own sheets and blankets. Some children may not need sleep, and quiet activities will be available for their selection or they will go into the Scoula room for a short period of time.

Personal Toys

Children are free to choose from the wide range of items at the Centre but we advise that they leave their own toys at home as they can be easily misplaced or damaged. The Centre will not accept responsibility for damaged or misplaced toys that are brought from home.


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